Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Sunny Water

My playschool concert will be held on December 6!
And since early July, we've been rehearsing for the concert......

Aunty Shirley told Mommy that for our baby class, we will be doing 2 singing performances; Little Sunny Water & DoReMi. She also mentioned that I can sing the whole song and do the movements to the song. Since then, Mommy, Daddy, Yi Po, Po Po have been pestering me to perform Little Sunny Water.

Mommy did 2 recordings of Little Sunny Water the other day so that the Mai Mais can see how well I can sing now.


Little sunny water, sleeping in a corner,
Wake up wake up wash your face,
And do the bumble shake.

Oh, shake it to the right and shake it to the left,
Point to the east, and point to the west,
And point to the one that you like BEST!

Mommy: We hope Bryan will not experience stage fright on that day.

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